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Finally new semester started today! It's way too late I think, because when my friends already asking when will they have break for Lebaran, I was still on my bed browsing the internet. 8D (Oh yes, I spent my almost-two-months holiday in front of my laptop, everyday.)
And guess what? I'll be having my Lebaran break (apa coba bahasa inggrisnya libur lebaran? *bego*) on 16th until 27th. Crazy, I know. My University is cool that way. XD

By the way, I always hate going to campus during Ramadan. There's too many delicious foods outside! >_<
And even if I don't go outside, there's still an A&W restaurant on the first floor inside the campus building. Looking at those people eating their ice cream happily is just too much in such a hot day like these days. XD;;

Satopii's voice message

I think I should stop ignoring my lj. I mean, I am checking my flist everyday, but I don't post anything on my journal because I usually use multiply to post about something related to my RL or my fandom. And that's not right, because I have friends here too. :|
Sorry guys. m(_ _)m

My friends from multiply should have knew that recently I was really hooked up with Shitenhouji. And KenHika (or KenZai or Kenya/Zaizen, whatever you call them) is my new OTP. Watching 410myu and DL6th only help me to get more hooked up with those Kansai kids. And to make it even better, both of Zaizen casts are adorable. Kawasumi Bishin is really adorable (and I know tsukiokuhime will agree with me), he even wrote something like "Bishin is waiting for you" in his blog and posted a photo of him wearing a bear-pajamas. While Satou Hisanori is adorable in his own ways. His every actions and expression practically scream "CUTE!" Y/Y? *is really biased*

I don't know if you already see this (this video was quite old, posted on July 06 at niconico), but I just found out now. =A=
It's not really a cool video like MADs or something, unless you want to watch the compilation of Satopii's scenes at 410myu on repeat like me, but what makes this vid squeal-worthy is the omake section.

Yes, you guessed it right. The omake section is ♥♥♥♥♥♥ because it has Satou's voice messages that normally you can only downloaded from tenimo site (which is only accessible to people in Japan). I ripped those into separated mp3 files so you can have Satou's voice saying:
1. "Tanjoubi Omedetou"
2. "Senpai, denwassuwa"
3. "Senpaira, kimoissuwa"
4. "Ittsumade netonen. Nanbo nandemo jikan kakarisugi, senpai." <-LOL, I don't know if I write it right (it's something like "How long will you sleep? It's taking too much time, senpai")
5. "Mail ka? Maa, shanaissuwa"

Why are you such a pedobait, Zaizeeeen??? Now I can has Satopii saying "Mail ka?" every time I got a SMS. XDD


Aku no Otouto Lyrics (US/UK fanvid)

Because I'm bored. Just ignore it if you want. :)
(oh, but feel free to correct my English translation!)

Kimi wa Arthur Ore wa AlfredCollapse )
I just watched Uramiya using KeyHole TV~!! I told you now, I'm biased. Very very biased with Kento. My eyes is fixed on him everytime he appears. XDDD
I don't really understand the story because my Japanese skill is not that good. I only understand.... 20%? I don't know... *fails*

So~! Let's just talk about Kento! *smacked*
He first appears hugging an old lady and I immediately laughing. He looks so good wearing a formal suit like that, and hot! On his way back, he met Uramiya, who ask him to do 'something' to Todoroki Hanae, a mid-age fortune teller. Todoroki is not a good person (I don't really know why, but it has something to do with a journalist? *fails*). Anyway, Kento agrees to do that and he drove away. Yes, He is driving!! *insert some fangirl scream here*

Then after some scenes about Uramiya and the other, we saw Todoroki is asking someone to 'take care' of the journalist and she laughed evily... only to find that someone broke one of her car's wheel. When she's mourning over it, Kento drove by and ask her what happen (of course he knows what happen. He's the one who broke it I think. It's part of the plan!). Kento then tell her he'll help her and kisses her hand. The love-struck Todoroki eventually agree, of course.

And then we saw the infamous strip scene. Kento + stripping his clothes and pants = major nosebleed for me! He did it with a very HAWT POSE!! And and he's smiling his trademark smile!! *DIESDIESDIES*
Too bad this scene is only for a few second. *smacked*

He did his job nicely, because Todoroki is really fawning over him. She blows a kiss to him and he did the same. And he said 'Itterashai' to her in  a very cute way, only to mock her  when she's not looking. I love evil!Kento. >:D

When Todoroki appears on TV (national-wide live), Kento give the video of his night with her to Uramiya's friend, who then hacking the TV. Then we saw that Kento and Todoroki playing BDSM!! OMG, it's so hilarious!! The old lady's reaction is way too amusing. She's a... maso and maniac? Wearing a sailor fuku and asking for more ("motto... motto...") when Kento hit her. After that, Kento didn't appear as much as before, because the main enemy change to some sect and it's leader.

I fail, I know. But I don't really get what happen. So, that's all! ;)

You can see some of the photos and preview of Hanamuko wa 18 sai, here.

Hanamuko wa 18 sai (Bridegroom is 18 years old) is a love comedy movie about the relationship between Aiko (a 38 years old lady, played by Junna Risa) and Masaya (the bridegroom, played by Ookawa Genki). Ono Kento is rumored to be the school newspaper club member (or chairman, I don't really know) who tried to exposes Aiko and Masaya's relationship that they try very hard to keep as a secret.

Another news is there's a manga version of the ikemen band movie BeatRock-Love. The manga version is made by MIKI maki in the WINGS magazine. You could visit her blog here. And these are the specific journals about the manga: http://mikimaki.blog97.fc2.com/blog-entry-171.html and http://mikimaki.blog97.fc2.com/blog-entry-180.html. Looks how wonderful Takeru and Arayan are in her drawing style! ^^

Sorry for my bad English!

Ono Kento's news

No no no no Kento-kun, how could you do this to me? I'm dying of happiness knowing that you're slowly make a good progress on your job. \(^o^)/

Yes, my dear flist. Ono Kento will play on a movie (thanks for the correction,[info]tiramiku_holic!) called Beat Rock Love along with Araki Hirofumi, Kiriyama Renn, Ookawa Genki and other actors.
The official sites:http://beatrock-love.com/

And from what I read on his official site, it looks like starting January 2009, he'll be playing on TV series 『Q.E.D.-証明終了-』. (Is it that Q.E.D?).

Yay for Kento~!! <3

(Since I did it in a rush, feel free to correct me if there's something wrong~! :3)

I'm home~!!!!

Yey, finally I'm back to my house after spending 2 weeks at my grandma's. How are you my flist? :3
It's knda suck when you have to stay at someone's house when many good things are up. I nearly missed supporter's dvd rikkai (but I already downloaded it now. Ouji's Rin Dance are <3333 XD)

I was really really bored at my grandma's, but luckily I can still use the internet there (I never though that I'll use Telkomnet instan again, but it really help me. *kisses telkom*).

And then [info]genichirou_nei  told me that Kento become the model of Sise or something like that. And he is really cool on he photos. Because I'm really curious, I looks into his official site, and guess what I found?

Finally on spring 2009 we'll have a dorama starring Ookawa Genki and Ono Kento. The tittle is "Hanamuko wa 18 sai" or roughly translated to "The bridegroom is 18 years old" . The YanaKiri fangirl inside me is doing a happy dance even now. XD

As far as I know (from 2ch site, I don't know this is official or not), the story is about a highschooler who fell in love with his headmaster. The main character is Ookawa Genki and Junna Risa. Maybe Kento will become Genki's classmate? ;D

I promised Mary-chan to do a meme, but I'm sorry I still didn't do it. >____<  *smacked*
It's because my brain is currently occupied by a certain otome game named Hiiro no Kakera. I'm playing the NDS version and the storyline is amazing!! Not to mention there are six bishonen ready to sacrifice themselves to protect the main character. :P

Did any of you play this game too?

I just only finished the route of Komura Yuuichi. And I really really love him!! He's so cool~! And he was voiced by Namikawa Daisuke! Although his voice doesn't resemble Choutarou at all. He's the senpai of the main character, looks like a nice person but actually he always give rude comments with a straight face. ^^;

Maybe after this I'm going to play the shota-bait character, Inukai Shinji's route. :3
And then Oomi Suguru's, because he looks so calm and cool. XD

Oh, and today Supporter's DVD Rikkai is released. I really want to watch it! I missed Kento! Didn't hear any news from him after DL5. ;___;
And I hope my own copy of Ookawa Genki's Wings will arrive soon. He's so pretty in High Spirit. (*o*)

I'm going to go to Yogyakarta from September 24th to Oktober 8th so I can't online on those period of time. I'm going to miss so much from my F-list... T-T

Ada apa dengan UTS?

(Sepi sekali jurnal ini.... makanya gw pengen nulis di sini aja daripada di multi. :p)

Yap, masa2 UTS udah mulai selama 3 minggu. Setan, lama bner ya??
Walopun gw bersyukur karena harinya longkap2 jauh, jadi masih bisa santai2.

Liat aja sekarang: Gw uts pertama hari selasa kmaren, tapi uts keduanya hari... SABTU!!!
Walhasil hari rabu-jumat gw berubah jadi beruang yg berhibernasi. Kerjanya cuma tidur, makan, maen, nonton, makan, tidur lagi. (Pantesan gw gendut ya?)